ATL - BDL Delta 737-900er

Here some pics of my live flight… Delta 737-900er!!I just love a moment when you get to takeoff with the exact same plane that you are flying!! In case y’all are wondering, the plane next to me was heading out to PDX! ✈️✈️ Also, I came into ATL from IAH, and when I landed I was still on the runway going 50, and I got a taxi speed warning while on the runway! I was on runway 26L at ATL.


I LOVE THE ATL takeoff and descent, the city is amazing

Hey mate, I’d suggest giving a look at the rules, including the photo limit (10) and the requirement that HUDs, tags, sidebars, etc. are removed. Then, we’d love to see your flight photos!

The information is listed in the topic below.

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If you could please take the time to review the topic for the #screenshots-and-videos category it would be greatly appreciated. @Thunderbolt has graciously provided the topic for you. The issue with your photo right now are the user interface/ player tags being visible.