Atis :/

Hi. I tried to tune in to an ATIS frequency on the advanced server but there’s no information at all. All it is is “San Diego International Airport Information Charlie.” and it ends. I’m preeetty sure that there’s supposed to be more information there ;) js.

The person editing the ATIS just forgot to include the rest of the info! There is supposed to be way more info than that. :)

Yeah, I know haha. That’s why I posted this post thing :stuck_out_tongue:

How long was that controller there? Sometimes when you spawn in as ATC and start making the ATIS you have to stop because somebody is already there right behind you requesting pushback.


Unsure. I’m still in that server but out of range of the ATC so I couldn’t tell you Sean, I’m sorry!

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Sounds like they just ran out of time to add the full info. It takes a while to type; usually if I’m controlling, I prepare the ATIS and my plan in advance, type it up in Notes (iOS app, but Android should have something similar), copy the content to clipboard and just paste it in the ATIS window. That way by the time I start the session I’m ready to go almost immediately.

That said, when you have to update to the newest information, it’s more tricky, especially if you already have a fair bit of traffic to handle


Some people starting to do that when they spawn. Last time I copy and pasted the thing from before and someone read out Palm Springs ATIS updated 1 8 5 3 Zulu while I am in Kuala Lumper. These things happen sometimes. Just a little patience for that, and trust me, the controllers know what their doing.

hahahaha…i actually do this and was a bit shame about it…cause i thought other people were doing different…so thanks Alexei…i can breathe now…hahahahaha

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Hahah no worries; it just makes sense - even if you need to update the info, you have the text available on clipboard already - so you just need to change a few words and numbers, rather than typing the whole lot out again. It’s not laziness, it’s operational efficiency :)

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Like what Alexei said.

But the bad point is only 2/5 people will check ATIS when it’s avalible

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Just tell the approach you got "information Charlie"😀😀 thats more then enough information if Infinite flight let you tell that to approach😁