ATIS Wind Observation Inaccuracy

Problem: As you can see in the screenshot above, the wind observation of the ATIS is inaccurate as the METAR says the wind is 360º but the ATIS say it’s 380º (which is not only wrong but also illogical).

Device and OS: My device is an iPad Pro 9.7 running iOS 12 public beta 1. My device is not jailbroken in anyway shape or form. I also have adequate empty storage of around 5GB.

Instructions to reproduce: Go controlling on ATIS on an airport where the METAR observes the wind @360 degrees.

Please DM me if this is a known issue as I have never heard of it on the forum.

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Did you try switching to bravo and re-publishing the ATIS to see if the winds updated?

No as it’s a little hard to reproduce right now as finding an airport that fits the schedule and has a wind direction of 360 and is not a class bravo is a quite tough.

Ive noticed this to but with METAR not just the ATIS. METAR would have a wind report that would be drastically different than what the weather was showing. Even with the weather connecction in the green. And example of this was taking off from SCEL last week and the METAR showed winds of 12kts with gusts to 24kts from 120° but the winds were at 4kt at 340° from the HUB and status bar.

The METAR is derived from real world information. The wind on the HUD I believe is derived from the in-game winds aloft. Weird there’s such a big difference though.

This was winds on the ground so the winds should have been the same thing as the METAR. I had not taken off and had spawned in on the ground.

It’s not uncommon to see winds reported coming from different headings. A simple rule of thumb to know how the wind is being reported is:

  • If you can hear the report, its magnetic.
    (In this case it would be the ATIS as we currently don’t have any other forms of audible weather reporting)

  • If you can read the report, its true.
    (In Infinite Flight, this would be found in the METAR and the TAF).

When you publish the ATIS, what you will hear for the wind report is what is displayed below the METAR on the top of your screen. “WIND 380 at 24 gust 38” is what is spoken

With that said, hopefully any confusion should be cleared up.

As for the winds coming from 380˚ is strange. I’ll look around to see if another similar issue has been reported.


Thanks for the input. But is there any reason for the weather observation on the ATIS to be different from the METAR?

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