ATIS what is it?

When I use the ATIS all it says is back so I’m not sure what the purpose of it is.

It is an automated system to provide pilots important weather and operational information about the airport. Read the link above. It will help.

You should listen to ATIS before leaving the gate on departure and before contacting approach/tower on arrival.


If all you heard was ‘back’ someone made an error entering information. Try again when you see the frequency open. What you encountered was an anomaly.

Okay thanks. That was very useful.

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How to write an ATIS

They have ATIS in IF?

They used to, it is temporarily disabled because it is being redone :)

Darn, really wanted to do it

I really hope they add it back soon. They took it away the week after I became an advanced controller.

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Hello I am a ATC for the non advanced server how do you rank up please I would gladly love to do this

Check Here :)