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When an ATIS reports the runway As WET, DRY Etc, it’s says it three times, I understand that it is for the three sections of a runway, but what are those three sections?


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Some context or an example would help… 🙂

I’ve cut an ATIS or two and have never seen it stated three times.


Runway in use 22. Runway 22 DRY DRY DRY.

Runway 22 is being used for take-offs and landings and that it has dry surface conditions in all three thirds of the runway length.

From Wikipedia…

For example here is some text from Stansted Airport ATIS. It is said three Times, I understand that it gives the Condition of the runway in three separate parts, what are those three sections of the Runway? Is it Start End, Midpoint and Stop End?

Thanks @Tyler_Shelton

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I believe that it is the touchdown zone, midpoint and the stop end roughly where the transmisometers are. For example at Heathrow it’s usually in the ATIS, the airport authority gives ATC the runway state after the morning and afternoon runway inspections.

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Aaaaaaah, now it makes sense, question answered!

Thanks :)

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It’s in your own limk:

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I know, I gave the link to where I got the example from.

Notice where it says ‘From Wikipedia’ @Tim_B

Yeah, I do, which is why your last statement confused me, since you already seemed to have gotten it earlier. I was just confused that you posted the answer then later on said “oh, now I see” is all. No big deal.

As stated above, touchdown, mid point and stop end.

You need all three to ‘accurately’ calculate your breaking action both in the event of a rejected take off and for landing. They also tie in to the RVR’s needed when carrying out CAT III or CAT II autolands.


I was asking what the names of the three sections of the runway. That’s all…

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