ATIS Range

Was wondering what the ATIS range is for Expert Server. Currently flying into Taipei, but unable to tune into the ATIS frequency despite being very close to the destination.

80-100nm if it doesn’t pop up. Select the airport and hit “tune”

ATIS frequency can typically be tuned into around 80NM away from the arrival airport.

If you are experiencing difficulties tuning into ATIS, try going to the map, selecting on the airport and then pressing tune on the ATIS frequency in the active ATC list.

Yeah even though I was clicking on it on the map, it wasn’t showing up. I got it now, observed it popping up at roughly 75NM from airport.

Glad you managed to tune in eventually! :)

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When you select the controlled airport on the radar map…the “Tune” will light up as soon as the Tower ATIS frequency is within receiving range !

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