Atis questions

so I am really interested in becoming an IFATC (but I will have to wait until June 2020 cause there I will have time for IF)
What are Intersection Departures ?
And what is Pattern work ?

So I have IF since like 2,5 years and I know it‘s a silly question but I would appreciate it if someone would help me !

Check #tutorials and their youtube channel and go to the ATC playlist and watch all the videos. There’s tons of #tutorials i am not tagging all of them.

For you two questions
Intersection is using multiple runway entrances.
Pattern work, is planes taking off and doing T&G’s.

Yeah ! I have already watched them but they don‘t explain it 😕


  1. Intersection departures are departures that are not full runway length. In the ATIS, if it says no intersection departures allowed, it means, they want all aircrafts to taxi to the very beginning of the runway.
  2. Pattern work is when you intend to takeoff and do touch & goes / or takeoff and land at the same airport.

Have you read the Atc manual?

This should explain and answer all your questions :)

No, but I am going to do it! 🙂

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Thank you !👌🏽😆

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