Atis problem or is it

i am new to expert and i went to egll ATIS and there were no options!

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I couple things might’ve happened… was there ATC at EGLL at the time?

ATIS is a frequency which you only listen to to get airport information. You tune into ATIS before any other frequency when entering an airport.

You only tune in, listen to a repetitive piece of information on the airport, and tune out.

Have a look here in what it all means


yes there was
but why can’t i pick something?

Because you just listen to it. Your not supposed to reply nobody is controlling that frequency

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Because you don’t need to. All you do is listen to it

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Because, as @Ecoops123 said, ATIS is only a weather reporting and airport information service. You don’t transmit anything on freq, you simply listen to the information so you know the current conditions of the airport. :)

does it speak for me?


No. It tells you information. Watch the videos up there

It should automatically give you airport informations if the ATC has published it

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It is controlled by controllers. The only automatic commands is it sending a continuous message every few seconds, and the weather. All the other aoprt details like runways and notams are added by controllers when they open a frequency.


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