Dear Infinite Flight users, I have been controlling on the Training Server a lot and I want to know what your opinion would be on having the developers have ATIS available for TSATC. This would help all aircraft and controllers to know which runways are open for departure and landing and it will provide NOTAMS to let aircraft know about the airport info. ATIS would keep things organized so that TS Pilots don’t go to a closed runway and do their own thing like executing an unauthorized takeoff. TSATC is trained just like IFATC to provide quality ATC to the Training Server. Obviously not all TS controllers are trusted with ATIS but since TSATC controllers are trained, I think they can be trusted with ATIS. What’s your opining on ATIS for TSATC?

Aidan Sanchez

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It was already stated previosly that TSATC would not get any special treatment, like ATIS, ghosting and such available for their members.


Okay, thank you, I totally forgot to search if TSATC for ATIS was already a topic. What was I thinking? Alright, forget about my topic, this topic may now be closed by a staff or moderator. Thank you.