ATIS on training, is it possible?

Can you get ATIS on of training server as i have seen IFATC on the training server controlling.

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No, ATIS is available on Expert only.

Here you could vote for it to get it on Training as well:


Okay I was just wondering as when I fly on Expert there is ATIS, but if IFATC was able to do ATIS on training server.

IFATC arn’t allowed to control on training server, with very limited exceptions.


Atis is fully blocked off in training server(tho it says not allowed). I was supposed to take over an airport on expert and didn’t realise my game was on training until I saw no atis and no multiple frequencies lol

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Los angeles airport ATIS Information ALPHA (Training server)

Time 0200 zulu, winds 050 at 4,visility 10, temparature 20, dew point 16, altimeter 2987. departing runways 24r,24l,25l,25r,6l,6r,7l,7r. Remarks, No intersection departures allowed, intersection departures allowed, no pattern work,expect long taxi times, gate hold in effect,straight out departures only,multiple frequencies in use,check forum for event information. NOTAMS: low visiblity use cautions, severe weather in area, even in progress expect delays,size restrictions in effect.

Future of ATIS in training server is clearly mentioned above :)


I wonder who will press all at once @youngblood


So? Why is it OK the have clueless approach\tower but we’re not cool with clueless ATIS controller?

Anyway, I’m case of contradiction, controller instructions always prevail ATIS information.

IF - Let training controllers have ATIS!

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We dont need advanced features to be trolled on training server at least for now. Hope it gets under u!

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ones who needs to practice for IFATC have other frequencies. Some make use of it, some trolls it so it wont be a good addition on TS

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I’m afraid I have to agree with @royfr83 here.

Is ATIS more of an advanced feature than any of the Controller’s functions we currently have on Training Server? How much trolling will be added when ATIS would be allowed there. Pilots who want to follow instructions (of which there are many) would take ATIS serious, don’t they? And at the same time, pilots who don’t have a clue or want to troll, and have no idea how to work with for example a Radar controller, would they troll more with ATIS?

I suggest a 6 months trail period with ATIS on Training Server, and a ‘ATIS TS trail thread’ to share experience.


Well, Expert servers exist for a reason. We can’t add ATIS into training servers because ATIS is one of the main key features that makes the expert server exist .

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Expert server doesn’t exist just because of ATIS. The main difference between expert and training server is that the controllers on expert have much more knowledge, hours and hours of experience and they receive proper training while on training server everybody can control.

ATIS does require some form of training. Therefore I definitely understand why Infinite Flight won’t add this feature to training server. Personally my view is a little divided though. As said, I understand the view of IF on the other hand though as the name says it is training server. Why shouldn’t controllers and pilots on training to be able to train ATIS as well?

Let’s face it, training server is already merely chaotic mostly. ATIS wouldn’t bring more chaos. I even think that it might be helpful because pilots here what runways they should use. They probably won’t follow it, but they get a first touch point with the system. They can train to fly as an airport that has ATIS.

Again I see both views and for now it worked without ATIS on training server. I don’t oppose the idea of it being added to training, however to conclude it’s definitely not the most important thing to do at the moment.


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