ATIS On Homescreen

Hey! I have a feature request.

My feature request is that the ATIS on expert server should be shown on the screen BEFORE you load into that Airport .

Like, If no Light aircraft are aloud . It should say on home screen that there is no light Aircraft aloud at this Airport

Ryan ✈️

Why don’t You spawn in for a second and watch if no light aircraft is allowed. In my opinion it’s unnecessary and unrealistic.


I think it is just better than spawning in and then having to leave again

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I believe by looking at the airport pilots should be able to determine if that airport can only fit large aircrafts rather than small aircrafts vice versa…

By no means that this is a bad idea, but I believe with rich flying experience to reach Expert Server, I think we should be capable to decide if we should spawn with a certain size aircraft…

Just my thoughts, no offence…

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What if there are different airports open with ATIS?

So, You chose what airport you want to spawn at, When you have to click on that airport and choose a gate it says the ATIS if there is one. This could be better for ATC having to say “This Aircraft is to large at this Airport” or “please check ATIS”

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On Training ATC expected me to check ATIS! There’s no ATIS on Training I guess, huh?

No, There’s no ATIS on Training server 👍🏻

Mulder & Scully were ATCs I mean

As most say, the realism isn’t at its peak, so this would be unnecessary. Although I think that they should be able to block light aircraft from spawning in, similar to the gate/size system.

Or this yeah 👍🏻

It only takes seconds to spawn and leave. You won’t get ghosted for that. If your aircraft is too big, head to the and see which aircraft are (not) allowed.

Yeah will do 👍🏻

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Can a mod close this?