In live it would be useful to be able to tune to our airport’s ATIS destination on “COM2” while staying on approach frequency on COM1. Currently, tuning into ATIS shuts down approach, which is unfortunate.

[Edit: COM2 could be “simulated” - in essence my feature request is : could we please simultaneously tune into ATIS and whatever else?]


oh it’s sounds complicated

It’s actually pretty simple : it makes sense to be able to listen to ATIS at your destination airport while being vectored by approach :)

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If you’re already on the approach frequency, you should not switch to the ATIS frequency.. It disrupts the approach controller’s work and prevents communication between the pilot and controller.

The solution is simple, just tune into ATIS before you contact approach.


Of course.

But as far as I know, in IF, ATIS and Approach frequencies become available to tune in at the same distance from the airport. Which makes it sometimes tricky to listen to ATIS when a stressed out approach controller asks you to contact him before you’ve had a chance to listen to ATIS.

I like the idea. COM2 would be very useful. Sadly out of votes. Still, good idea.


@lollip although approach and atis comes active at about 70-80nm. but there is no hurry. listen to atis. and continue descent. contact approach at about 50nm at about 18000 feet. that is the right time to contact approach not 100 nm out and definitely not at fl250. so you have good 5 min window to listen to atis in peace while you fly closer to the airport. com2 is a good idea to have. but not for atis more like Emergency frequency or on gaurd as it’s said in real life. (125) where all controller can contact pilots and its always tuned in having all the commands. mostly in situation where pilots are unable to tune to particular frequency…

Yes, I know, thanks.

Currently it does. However, in the real world we tune into ATIS while being vectored.

This request actually increases the realism of IF. I’m freeing up a vote for it.

Thanks for the vote, that’s what I was trying to explain ^^ (although to be fair IRL you’d ideally tune into ATIS while on center, before approach)

This is a nice request but you wouldent want the voices to be talking over eachother it will become confusing.

Love this idea. You have my vote!

yes but it has a potential problem. IRL it may be used. I’m not sure though but guess 1 pilot use com1 and other listen to ATIS. not sure if this actually happen IRL. but in IF we are the only person incharge of the aircraft. no copilot. so tuning into both frequency together, IT will start playing audio together which will get mixed up on our speakers and making it difficult to understand any of the commands from either frequency. approach controller and atis.

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When I am flying single pilot I was taught to always get the ATIS before calling in. I have the frequencies I’ll be talking on in my COMM 1 channel and the frequencies I am listening to in my COMM 2 channel. So while I am getting the ATIS I am also monitoring approach/ground/tower. I think this would be nice in Infinite Flight where for example, ground tells you about an ATIS update when you are already taxing. You can be checking the new ATIS on COMM 2 while also monitoring ground on COMM 1 incase there were to be some conflict where they need to to stay put or move. Maybe there could be a system implemented that when you are getting the ATIS, the controllers voice is muted and you just hear the ATIS, but the controller commands still pop up on screen and cause the headset to flash.