ATIS Offline

So for my last few flights there has been no ATIS online at all, departure or arrival? Is it just me, did I miss something?


And yes I do spawn at ATC active airports

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Ive had the same thing for a few days

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Unfortunately at this time ATIS is causing the app to crash if selected when IFATC members open an airport, therefore the reason no ATIS frequencies are open currently.

This is a known issue and is being investigated as we speak.

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Just out of curiosity, was this officially announced anywhere? This seems to be a pretty major feature to just be shut down with anyone from the development team to not give an official announcement.

This started after the lowkey server update that I happened to be online for I’m wondering if it has anything to do with it

It hasn’t been shut down at all. It’s a bug that the team are currently working on resolving. It was announced to the IFATC controllers and we were informed to avoid opening ATIS, so that we could still provide pilots the ATC service that they desire as part of their Infinite Flight experience.

I’m sure the team aren’t going to have ATIS causing this bug any longer than it needs to be.

This was announced internally within IFATC and is believed to be a consequence of the server migration. Issues like these are bound to pop up, the staff are well aware and are working on a fix already.

Obviously, consequential issues pertaining to changes can never be planned for and are likely to manifest in ways that nobody could ever expect. It’s unfortunate that this has happened, but it will be fixed soon. The staff will still need more data to pinpoint the specific issue causing this to happen, but rest assured, it was also the staff that told controllers not to open any ATIS frequencies.


Yes announce it to IFATC but don’t tell anyone else. I feel like the piloting community would have liked to know this, me included

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I thought expert server ATCwas being taken over by non IFATC members

Considering that these fixes should not take long to complete, I don’t see the need to announce this to the wider community. Besides, no one saw this coming, nor does anyone want this to happen in the first place.

Instead of spending time with press releases, I’m sure the staff would much rather press on with the issue and just solve it.

I frankly have to agree with @ASDLetsPlay. When IFATC is being advised to not open ATIS channels, that is the definition of something being shut down due to technical glitches.

I feel like this should have been announced to the community as a whole, in the spirit of openness.


This is a fairly large issue that has existed for multiple days. ATIS is an important frequency in both IF and real life. I tend to agree that a broader communication should have been made.


As replied by others, this is caused by a bug making controllers crash. If you would still like to see the runways being used, you could use a flight tracker such as InfiniteX or LiveFlight and see which direction all the planes are pointing when landing/taking off from at a controlled airport


I did mention it in the Expert Server upgrade topic.

And not to downplay it’s significance, but the number of people that have mentioned this so far on all communications platforms we have are single digit :) So I wouldn’t call this that much of an issue it seems.


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