ATIS not working

I’m approaching Atlanta I’m trying to listen to ATIS but I can’t hear anything.

If they just opened you need to give them time to set it up

I saw them active before I logged in

There’s a known issue with ATIS going off at some point of the session, this might be the reason why. I’d also recommend to update to the newest HotFix.

I’m afraid 23.3.2 hotfix 2 is causing the ATIS bug Rafa

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Possible workaround is to stay on ATIS frequency for at least 5 minutes (maybe longer) and it should bring you the ATIS.
It will play only once if it works but unfortunately don’t works every time

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I did get ATIS after a few minutes on my next flight I was going from Atlanta to Chicago and it took a few minutes for the ATIS to transmit I was in range to manually connect ATIS it took 10 minutes to get the Bravo


Took some 10 mins to get ATIS after spawning in @ KATL -figured it had to be related to the 2nd hotfix 23.3.2.
And only announced once, as confirmed with @Nick_Emmi & @J-F_V above.

I just departed KATL going to Baltimore just 10 minutes ago and I only heard one radio call from a different pilot with information Tango I had ATIS on long before i made my flight plan.

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