Atis not working

Whoever the controller is that’s just started at Milan I’d just like to point out that your atis isn’t working it’s not saying anything if you could change that?

They are probably setting it up!

It takes time to make an ATIS. Also Milan is the hub for the day so traffic comes first!

If there still isnt an ATIS after some time just PM @Kyle


Keep in mind that Milan is very busy, and the controller could very much be prioritizing sorting out the traffic first before dealing with the ATIS. If you’ve ever spawned into control the main hub, the first thing that you deal with is countless aircraft spamming you, and you’ll have zero time to set-up ATIS until you clear up the initial mess and get a break in traffic. Cut them some slack.


I was just your controller. There was a controller change in progress and now @Kyle has atis. Just be patient. It can take a minute or two to get ATIS set up.

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Ok my apologies no problem

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Hey @MadridistaPilot, sorry for the wait for the ATIS. I was hit with an abundance of Requests which put me behind, I also had to get the Information like STARs onto the panel so thats what took a bit longer than usual. Hopefully the Burden that you came across has been solved, just know for future reference that its not as simple as it seems and just a bit of patience will help😉

Any More Questions you may have, feel free to send them through via PM.


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