ATIS not corresponding between RWY and ATC on training server

ATIS not corresponding between RWY indication and ATC on training server. Pilots are arguing with ATC saying I want this runway. I assign the opposite due to weather indications based on What the system allows me to assign, (it shows as a red runway otherwise). Pilots show green and therefore they want it. They’ll either turn off frequency and ignore atc instructions to fly the way they want or just fly the way they want. Very rarely do I get someone compliant.

It’s happening more and more. Because of that, it’s annoying me and frankly everyone else.

Can we get someone to look at that and have it fixed?

Running iOS 12 latest version and latest version of the app.

Not quite sure I know what you mean, as there is no ATIS on training server. Can you explain a bit more?

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Hey Jack! I have noticed that the system lags a tiny bit between the METAR and runway colors. Unfortunately, on the training server, you don’t have access to ATIS, meaning that pilots will request whichever runway they’d like. There isn’t anything that can be done about that. Additionally, a green runway isn’t an “open” runway. The colors only indicate which runways have preferential conditions.

I’d highly suggest starting the IFATC recruitment process below if you’d like to be able to work the ATIS frequency and have more organization at your airport.


We’d love to see you apply to IFATC and learn more about controlling! When you see a runway is red, it means there is a tailwind component of at least 5kts. This is inconsequential for commercial jets until it reaches about 10kts. If the runway is green, there is a headwind of at least 5kts. And if it’s yellow, there’s a crosswind of at least 5kts.

Ultimately, pilots aren’t really forced to listen to ATC on the training server as many are still learning how to work the sim. The professionalism is much improved on the Expert Server - maybe we’ll see you there soon!

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