ATIS „No light Aircrafts“

As some of you may have already read there is a new ATIS „command“ wich does say „no light aircraft“.

My question is wich aircrafts do count as light aircraft. A list would be appreciated.

For example does the TBM, SR22, Citation X, … count as alight aircraft or not.

(I would prefer an answer from a IFATC member or a developer/staff to avoid mistakes)

Thanks! 😊

Light aircraft applies to the Cub, but the others should be good.

I would say most of them apart from the TBM, the TBM can keep up with the jets. You will need to wait for an official response though. Definitely covers the Cub though.

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Cause uf we cant fly the 172 when it says that I wont be able to get as many cool shots like I did at Dubai yesterday

Same for the Citation.

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That’s a light aircraft. Essentially anything GA that can’t keep up with the jets I assume would be classed as light aircraft.

It wont be an issue with experienced ga pilots, cause when you take off, you would generally enter the upwind if you know there are faster planes landing g or taking off. Near you. So if it applies to the 172 ima be REALLY mad.

It will apply totally, if one is allowed to take off then you can’t then refuse to let people land in the same aircraft. At this point though I think it will be used a lot while the Cub is popular.

Then you will be really mad. Because it applies to the Xcub as well as it applies to the C172 and aircraft with similar speed capabilities.


Alright. So much for cool shots like the OMDB in a 172. Just ruin that why dont you. God.