ATIS message

Now what should I interpret from this…?
“Intersection Departure Allowed, Straight out departure only.”
And I see this more often then not.

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Basically, request for takeoff “departing straight out” and maintain runway heading for at least 6NM. make sure you don’t turn early.

But it also reads intersection Departure Allowed…

Intersection departure is where you takeoff from before the start of the runway runway like halfway

The second part means that you don’t have to taxi to the end of the RWY to take off, you can take off from one of the taxi ways that intersect the RWY.

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Please read the two posts below. Between what @Starley and I said, this should help you with understanding of these two commands.

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Ok. I Thought intersection Departure mean departing east west north anything other than runway heading. So I had confusion. Thank you.