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The ATIS states there are times in which light aircraft are not permitted, however which aircraft fall into this category? The TBM has relatively fast enough speeds, and the caravan has commercial passenger capabilities. There have been posts on this before, but none of which in the right category or with a definite answer from staff given.


Light aircraft include the XCub, C172, SR22, Spitfire, and the P38.
The TBM930 and C208 may be used without restriction in a commercial environment.
That’s copied from Tyler Shelton’s instructions to IFATC


Thank you sir! Appreciate it!

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Hi there, flew to KLAX today in a TBM and was sent off by Tower… I ended up landing in KNUC!
I had just checked this thread before contacting tower and was a bit disappointed to have to change my plan.
It would be good if all ATC had the same reading of this sensible rule.
Best to all!

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Occasionally controllers get things wrong… thank you for being understanding and diverting.

I’d recommend sending a PM to the ATC. That’s the best way to make sure they’re held accountable and keep this sort of thing from happening to anyone else.


No worries! Alas, sending a mail while piloting is way beyond my poor abilities! 😉

Definitely don’t text and fly! Message them after your flight :)


Everything stated, you wouldn’t see a GA plane at KLAX with how busy it is. if i am wrong let me know and i’ll remove this comment:) But again as stated thanks for understanding and diverting safe flying

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Funny that this should pop up. I was flying from Socal to Nocal yesterday when the Approach controller at KSFO mistook me for a Cub( I was in a TBM ). After 2 attempted to get into KSFO and a warning from the controller, I went for an alternate GA airport. After the flight I contacted him and we have a very enlightening chat about what happened. Turns out there were quite a few cubs in the area who tried to get into SFO and thus the little mistake. All’s good and we respectfully managed to resolve the confusion.


No worries on my side, I understand and above all, the one in charge is the one who decides, so this is allright.
The funny thing is that I took off from a busy KSFO behind… a little XCUB!

If only we could ghost IFACT 😂

I’m joking I’m joking

It it were me I would’ve continued my i have inbound. You were clearly in the right, and if you were ghosted it would’ve easily been overturned, as it wasn’t your fault.

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I understand your point, but I prefer to keep quiet et carry on. Getting old I guess… 😉

Nah I’m probably just an annoying person

Lol, in my moment of frustration, that thought crossed my mind. But they are also human… 😂 🤣

I have been sent away from RKSI this morning in the TBM… I moved and spawned in another airport nearby. I obey, but it is slightly annoying, particularly when it is not that busy…

True, but they don’t always give us slack for being “human” either😂. One time I no joke dropped my phone and I accidentally drifted into another plane’s departure and got ghosted with no warning

Exactly. If these controllers are chosen by the recruiters, they should be expected to know the new rules

I hope you see the difference between mistakenly not allowing an inbound aircraft versus (nearly) crashing in to another aircraft. Those are 2 distinctly different errors.

As IFATC, I agree with you though that we should know the rules and it has been addressed within the community.

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