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I was on the expert server, trying to take off from Toronto Pearson Int. and I didn’t get any ATIS information. ATC was live and other aircraft did have ATIS, according to their transmissions…Any idea why?

Thanks for help!!!

Did you tune in to the ATIS frequency first?

It may also be that if there was a controller change there could have been a moment of no-ATIS during the changeover and the other aircraft had been handled by the previous controller when the ATIS was in place.


When opening the ATIS the controller must publish them first. If there is a controller change he must first set them. Same if a new session starts

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thanks for the help…solution seems quite logical…atis frequency actually wasn’t avilable. Now I’m just wondering, is it okay to request pushback and taxi without atis?
Because I did get pushback and taxi permissoin and taxied to the runway, but still didn’t get any of atis.

Yes, if there is no ATIS frequency in the facility, you contact the ground frequency. Just make sure there isn’t any ATIS frequency available.

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