ATIS information to display in Gate Selection Screen

Hello all!

While I realize there may be mixed emotions on this request, it is something that as both an active pilot within a VA and a member of the IFATC that would be very helpful to pilots to figure out where best to spawn in.

The request is that the ATIS information for an actively controlled airport be displayed in the gate selection screen so that it is available for pilots to select a gate. This is appropriate in this location because many pilots will simply just choose whatever gates are closes to the “green” runways thinking that they are the active runways. However, this is not always the case and creates an unfortunate situation where a pilot and controller may become frustrated with each other.

With this request, a pilot could see the ATIS information (or just the active runways being used displayed on their screen) and then make a decision on where they would like to spawn in.

Thanks for listening and taking thought to the request and hopefully others can see that a simple addition to that screen could be helpful for the pilots and create a more positive environment for the communication between a pilot and controller.

Thank you,

I think this is a nice idea:)).


I Definately agree that this can have split decisions but I like this idea but I don’t think it’s where I like it enough to where I vote

Good luck getting the votes 😉


Appreciate it @Pilot_urp! its a mixed emotions request that i think i make more from the IFATC side, because i just want pilots to have a good experience, and anything to help them do such is what im for ha

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It’s a nice idea… but i’m out of votes


i dont think this is really needed. it’ll create more of those pilots who spawn with a380 in a GA gate just because its close to the runway. In the biggest of airports it wont take more than 5min to taxi to any runway from any part of the airport. and how come a controller is frustrated in this situation. when i control i just tell the pilot to taxi to a runway. there choice taxi or leave the game. i dont get frustrated. i just say that is the active runway. and it’s a request to all pilots please dont select gate by closeness to runway. select gate by your aircraft size. if it’s ga spawn in ga gate not anywhere else where you need pushback… if its cargo. spawn in ramp or hanger. if it’s airliner spawn in terminals and gates.


same, would love to vote for this

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Maybe a feature request for restricted spawns haha. A GA can only spawn at a GA

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The idea of helping pilots to choose the right gates sounds like a good one. Perhaps it would end the days were we see a big airliner parked in a small GA spot, just so he can be parked close to (the wrong end of) the runway.

But how would it work? Currently we can setup our ATIS relative quickly: runways, remarks and NOTAMS. How would we add the gates in there? Would that add lots of extra buttons? How do you see this?

I like this idea as I always seem to put large aircraft in the smallest gates and sometimes I fall foul of looking for the gate closest to the active runway