ATIS info

I just realised that in EGLL’s atis on expert it says “flow control in effect”.
What does this mean?

It means what it says, ATC is using flow control, to help move aircraft quicker, although aircraft may have to taxi longer.

This will give you more information on what things noted in the ATIS mean:

there is the topic covered


There are several layers of flow control, ranging from just a quick call for release, to EDCT times, to Ground Stops, to Gate holds. Each are just various levels of managing the traffic in a specific area. In basic terms it means that there’s too many flight plans in the system all timed to arrive at EGLL at the same time, and that ATC will need to start assigning times to spread out the arrivals into that area, such that the airspace and runways can all accommodate the arrivals/departures in the area. You might need to wait a while on the ground.


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