ATIS Info Before Spawn

Is there a way to obtain ATIS information prior to spawning on Expert Server?

Twice today I wanted to do some pattern work at two different airports with ATC. Neither was too busy. The first set of instructions specified “straight out departures only”. The second time, ATIS required a flight plan prior to contacting ATC.


This doesn’t mean no patterns

Where and when was this, do you remember?

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I believe if they have specified so in ATIS, then it stays thst way. You can check for #atc tracking threads and do patterns in TS or just do them alone.

Thanks @Tim_B I thought straight out departures meant no pattern work. Thanks for the clarification.

But back to the question, is there a way to obtain the ATIS information prior to spawn?


You automatically tune into the ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) frequency when spawning at a gate at the specified airport if they have ATIS active. You can also manually do so by going into the ATC (Air Traffic Control) Section and looking for active frequencies within range or by tapping the airport and tapping on any active frequencies of the specified airport.

Not prior to spawning, no.


You can rely on common sense, though. If it’s a major airport with a high traffic volume, chances are no pattern work will be allowed. If it doesn’t have that many inbounds and it’s not a super big airport, you’ll probably be allowed to fly patterns.

The above tips aren’t a hard rule; there are certain exceptions. However, in most cases, you can rely on this to be true.


Rob was asking before spawning.

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Oh, sorry for my misconfusion :/. If that’s the case, you can’t get the ATIS information prior to spawning.

if i for example i will go to klax and klax have atis so i want to make flight plan and i want to choose a runway on klax how can i know the runway is available on the atis?

At major airports 99.9% it will follow the same procedures it normally does. Example at KLAX they’ll mostly use the 24s and 25s for take off/land, rarely they’ll use the 7s and 6s.

That’s simple. Head over to, search for KLAX and you’ll get a METAR. You can then find the active Runways using the wind information from the METAR (although sometimes it’s the opposite, especially if there’s a high volume of inbounds and App isn’t able to change the runway without causing chaos).

Other option: you can check liveflightapp for runway direction.
Also for a long haul I would go on skyvector and look for surface winds near arrival time. Sometimes it’s almost a perfect crosswind so doesn’t help, but often you can tell which runway will be in use based on that.

He’s looking for whether patternwork is allowed or not.

Pattern work is not allowed when ATIS says no pattern work allowed. Straight out departures just means go straight out until you leave the airspace

Atc can also give the straight out until xxxxft instruction right? That usually results in the turn earlier than leaving the airspace.

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This can also be limited by terrain.
Examples: OOKB, KASE

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I’m not sure what all this other stuff is but:

The original question:

“Can I know before spawning if I will be able to do patternwork?”


Not via ATIS.

But you can see inbounds on the status board, and if it’s in the 80s or 100s it’s a safe bet not. Also, anytime there’s less than 3 sm visibility there is no patternwork.

Not sure how we got on turns and other things (other than the initial clarification about SODs being unrelated to patterns, there’s nothing more related to his original question.)


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