ATIS in Training Server (Nairobi HKJK)


I currently see someone operating ATIS in Nairobi Airport and this is on the training server. I just had someone in IFATC check, the person controlling is not IFATC. Not sure why ATIS is available in the training server.

Here are some screenshots

Device: iPhone 14 PM
Operating system: IOS 17

Thank you!

See Cam’s reply.

Okay thanks.

Not going to lie, Can we keep the glitch?. For me that probably will never get to grade 3, I think it will be nice on a training server. im on grade 2 btw

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It would be nice, although not all training server users would use this. Heck, sometimes people on Expert don’t use it when I’m controlling. Anyways, you’ll get to Grade 3 eventually! About the bug, It’s just a glitch, so it’ll probably be fixed soon.

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Ok, I’m really hoping to have it Christmas morning as a gift!. I have school of more now, So it might be possible

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I guess you can work for it, but IF won’t give it to you as a “gift”


Yeah, I understand that.

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So, looking at Cam’s Reply, this will get looked into. Sooner or later there’s gonna be another hot fix.

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