Atis help: approach and initial contact


I’ve two questions concerning Atis:

  1. What does “advice on initial contact” means?
  2. When I’m with approach controller at some point he will ask to switch to tower frequency so I’ve no chance of listening to lastest atis information before landing. Is there a way to get atis information before landing in such scenario?

Thanks everyone.


#1 Advise on initial contact means just that you will provide the ATIS code when calling in for the first time.

#2 When with approach just switch frequency without asking to ATIS you should be able to pick it up around 60NM from the airfield. Wait for it to start playing then, switch back to approach it will play the entire ATIS even if you switch prior to it finishing.


Hi thanks, are you sure controller won’t notice you switched frequency. They don’t usually appreciate this.

As an IFATC supervisor/ recruiter I’m sure. If they do feel free to message me, and we will get it straightened out. Just don’t leave for a long period of time.


Thanks a lot for clarifying this. I’ll keep it in mind.

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Additionally, controllers can see which frequency you are tuned to. I’m sure approach controllers will have no problem with seeing you on atis for a few moments. Like Brandon said, just be sure to switch back to approach once you have the transmission.

– Nichalas Petranek,


Hello, sorry to get back on this but I just wanted to try this out and I risked being ghosted, please refer to attached screenshot. I think we should ask developers to give a way pilots listening to atis without taking any risk (so, without switching frequency). What do you think ?

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From the looks of things you left for a while. Switch back immediately, you can read the atis from the log can’t you?

Who was approach? I’ll have a word with them. Dual comms will be in a future update.

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No, only 30 seconds. I switched quickly. I clearly remember. The only thing is that I did it twice. Anyway, it’s not a big deal!

IFATC Flying High
Thanks a lot.

Lol @anon66442947 naughty boy 😂


Hi, thanks all. Please don’t get offended by my post. I really enjoy your professional work as ATC. It was just for clarifying things out and maybe propose a new future enhancement. Thanks.


None of us are offended! I can assure you that. We really appreciate the help in establishing new guidelines for IFATC regarding pilots tuning to atis. It really goes a long way in making our controllers more aware and being able to ease some of the stress on both sides.

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