ATIS Frequency

Yesterday I was flying out of Kastrup when I stumbled across an active ATIS frequency run by Misha Camp. Upon departure, I contacted as usual, Lufthansa (xyz) with you. And the reply was Radar Contact. I had never heard of this phrase before and so just went with the flow assuming it is the same as the usual Roger. I hope we get some Tutorials on ATIS and some of the terminology used in this new frequency. Has anyone else flew in or out of somewhere with ATIS yet?

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Irl you may get something such as ‘N731AT, radar contact, climb and maintain 14,000’. So pretty much the same as roger that we have now. ‘‘Twas also why I assume I gave you a climb alt upon radar contact.


I thought ATIS was taken away from human controllers.

Ah ok. Thanks, just never been somewhere with active ATIS before.

It’s being reworked and is coming back soon.


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