ATIS for training server

Just like the title says, I believe ATIS should be allowed for ATC on training server as well as expert. Now that the minimum for training server is Grade 2 I have noticed that there is a bit more professionalism on the server and a bit less trolling. Bringing ATIS over could also allow more organization and realism to the server, fostering a professional enviroment and possibly help to decrease instances of trolling. Personally, I don’t see any downsides to adding it but feel free to tell me what you guys think.

Yeah! This won’t get added due to the fact that training server pilots would have all of the notams clicked and wouldn’t know what to do with it. That’s why for IFATC we have to read the manual before we open an airport (what really tells what all the features on atis mean).

It’s pointless to add when ATC and most importantly pilots don’t use it, or how to correctly. Instead it should be kept on the expert server where it’s more realistic. The focus on the training server should be to understand the basics of ATC and how to fly, adding more complexity just won’t help in any way and would likely result in pilots picking up bad habits when they progress onto the expert server.

Your request though, not bashing it, simply sharing my opinion :)


I like this. Even though I only fly on expert, I like doing ATC every once and a while. I always wanted to use the ATIS so that would be amazing


Could see a few problems with it, first of all, pilots in the training server might not be aware of how to use it, and letting people who aren’t IFATC approved use it would be chaotic.

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So, when a pilot graduates to the expert server he/she/it instantly gains the knowledge of how to use ATIS and other expert-only features? I struggle with this logic that seems to be shared by many and the backbone of IF’s three server implementation.

ATIS = Chaos? Define chaos please. Is it running KSAN with runway 9 active when the weather conditions and real life operations are running on 27? If you asked me (which you didn’t), I find the expert server a little chaotic.:)


Its bad enough on expert with trolls and IFATC trying their hardest.

Training takes ATIS to a whole other level of outrageous

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Not only will the ATC not understand the commands, but neither will the pilots. There will only be a select few who are on the TS and actually understand them.


I think we can make it optional on TS and mandatory for ES for controllers. It’s not difficult to set up ATIS. Come on.


I hope ai could type the atis so I can listen while the airport isn’t controlled:)

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This is what tutorials are for. Pilots on the training server when transitioning to the expert server should review how to use the ATIS frequency. Understanding how to do so will be that much easier with a proper foundation built on the training server.

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Hi @astrosloth5. As some mentioned above, I think it wont be added on TS . Although some people say it might be added…

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Yes but that was a question, this one is a request

I am in favor of your idea ATIS does allow more people to experience more than just experts. This should also enable people who are preparing to join IFATC to try ATIS. In a word, this is a good idea.

I think this would be a great idea.

Sadly I’m out of votes, but when I was controlling Heathrow this morning it was getting very fustrsting having to repeat “no intersection departures allowed” over and over.

Yes, there will always be those who choose to ignore the ATIS and ATC altogether and do their own thing, but that will always be the case - ATIS or no ATIS. Until ghosting or some other method of dealing with those who do this is introduced on TS1 (if ever), then it will continue to happen. But, fear of abuse by those who already abuse the system shouldn’t be a reason for preventing the rest of the community from enjoying features in my opinion.

Edit: Removed a vote for it!

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I was addressing the comments that said ATC/pilots on the training server wouldn’t understand ATIS … only expert ATC/pilots could comprehend this feature. What magic fairy dust is sprinkled on our heads when we start flying on the expert server and we run into new expert-only features?

For the record, the tutorials are great and I appreciate the effort put into them. But nothing beats hands-on.

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That one was also closed a few months ago

Yeah, but you can read about the future plans for ATIS if it will added to TS or not

@astrosloth5… MaxSez. You got my vote wish I had two. I’ve advocated for ATIS for years. I note as usual the Duty experts are on board here pupuing the recommendation. These nay sayers are the same one who fill these pages with continual complaints about the Grade 3 Pilots who they rag cause their unprepared when the join the so called Expert, a pox on them. ATIS is not a complex system and anybody with half a brain can learn to use it. Install it on the Trainer. Let the controller trainee sink or swim. We got Real Talant in the Controller pipeline. They do there thing and matriculate if they cut it they move up to IFATC without a mentor. Give the Training Server ATIS. Give the volunteer trainee controller a step up rather than a stumbling start on the big time. Just Sayin, “Do Good Work” Astro, keep at it.


If this does become introduced in TS1, it should be a simplified version where you can only declare which runways are being used but not have any other remarks. There should also probably not be an “ATIS” (or runway suggestion) frequency but have it just built into Tower/Ground, as having a separate frequency would likely confuse many TS1 pilots.