ATIS for Sydney is incorrect (runway 25 should be only in use)

Hey there I’m flying to Sydney now from Adelaide I’m Velocity 425 my flight plan is for a 25 arrival which is correct due to wind conditions at the moment Sydney is currently at this moment using one runway due to high winds the ATIS is incorrect on Infinite flight and is saying 16R and 16L approach are the correct runways that was over an hour ago can the ATIS please be updated.

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Just noticed they are also using 16R for departures but 25 should be the main runway for takeoff and landings at this time.

IFATC do strive for following IRL procedures however the amount of traffic we see in Infinite Flight means that sometimes this isn’t possible.

IFATC have to strive for maximum efficiency over maximum realism - the winds are currently 130@7kts so using the 16s for takeoffs and landings makes sense and also mean that they can handle more planes at any one time, compared to just using Runway 07/25. Interestingly Runway 25 actually has a slight tailwind at the moment.

There are currently 167 inbounds to YSSY - 35 are due in the next hour (at the time of this reply) so just using 1 runway would cause a lot of delays.


I can also add that 07/25 has an intersection with all runways, on the ground and on the approach path. Using parallel operation is simply the way to go when we look at the state of traffic


Hello. Wind is currently 140 at 5. So all runways can be used with no issue at all. Yes 25 is in use irl at the moment, but 16s are used for departures as well.

Also to add departing at 25/07 would create separation issues with approaching aircrafts on downwind.


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