ATIS enquiry


Hi all, just had a quick look in Aspen to see how the ATIS works… One thing got my attention straight away.

The ATIS is only broadcasted once but this should be repeated non stop as in real life no?

Great future btw!


It’s broadcasted every 20s I think


I feel like it’s broadcasted every 20 seconds, but it’s on the same clock for everyone. Sometimes I connect and it says it right away, sometimes it takes up to 15 seconds or so.


Thanks guys didn’t know that. Is it possible to keep the text in the top stay longer as well? I didn’t have time to finish reading it.


How about a broadcast message “Attention All Aircrafts,please check ATIS frequency for airfield information”. This command is only available for tower frequency under miscellaneous for now. In that way everyone will know what controllers expect.


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I know that. But you would have to individually ask everyone to check ATIS frequency. A broadcast would be better,everyone can tune in that frequency together.


It would be great if it’s repeated after 2-3 seconds instead of every 20 seconds :)


We also need to work on grammar when writing ATIS. Not for the sake of grammar, but if you don’t include any periods or commas or something then the TTS will sound really weird and a pilot will get lost in this confusion.

Another thing I noticed: the text bar at the top of the screen is only meant for 1 or 2 lines. If you type too much (which we actually have to do) you start getting into 3 or 4 lines and you can’t read the first part because it’s cut off from the screen.