ATIS EDDF right now- RWY 36 in EDDF not in use.

The ATIS is reading " Landing Runways 07L,07C,07R and 36.

Runway 18 in FRA is only for take offs and only in this direction. There are no take offs and landings permitted on 36.

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Remember, real world procedures aren’t always applied in IF. I personally didn’t use 18/36, but other controllers may use it if it fits their needs. :)


This is helpful and thank you, I was the controller after Taipei and sorry for any inconveniences there. I also will control an airport on IF like irl but only when I know those airports operations (aka I just listen to them on LiveATC😂). Happy flying! And I love the feedback and all too! Nice that you were very respectful about it 😂 usually doesn’t go that way @Lufthansa061

Oh and also, just wanna say that you’re already wicked cool in my books… 747 pilot!!! That’s super cool and takes a lot of skill I bet! @Lufthansa061

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