ATIS at YSSY but no tower or gound

Im doing a flight from YSSY to KLAX and currently there is ATIS but no tower or gound, does anyone know what this is about?

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Erm…is that not allowed? Someone can control just ATIS if they want to. They don’t have to control Ground/Tower if they are controlling ATIS.

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@Adam_S is currently controlling. You can ask him :)

I have just never seen it before, just confused :)


Hi! I’m currently controlling the Melbourne and Brisbane FIR’s from YSSY. In order to maintain some sort of civil environment at Sydney, I have also decided to open the ATIS frequency so that people know what inbound aircraft will be doing while there is no Tower or Ground controller.

Doing something like this isn’t uncommon for a radar controller, it just helps with departing aircraft, and maintaining some sort of order at an airport. You’ll see things like this happen at times.

Hope this helps!


Ok, I have never seen this before but I saw you were controlling the airspace! Thanks!

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No worries! :)

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