ATIS and ATC frequencies

Im not sure what to search for this topic so i didnt bother to search but is it possible that:

-whatever runways that are in use in the ATIS is the only ones u can request?

For example when there is no pattern work allowed u cant click on remaining in the pattern

The reason i think this should be implemented is because some people just ignore the ATIS and request whatever rwys they want sometimes especially pilots fresh out of training.

This leads to an ATC workload increase because of people who dont know how to read ATIS or just dont at all

I think it will be easier on IFATC if this is implemented in my opinion

Interesting…hasn’t really been a problem for me when I control local frequencies. Also @JetSuperior5192, that’s quite the quick trigger. I myself have misclicked before, so it’s not like a pilot requests a wrong runway intentionally 100% of the time.

To be completely honest, if someone requests the wrong runway intentionally without reading the ATIS, they need to learn it BEFORE flying on the Expert Server. Additionally, we’d quick select them the correct runway, which they should taxi to anyways (or they can have a vacation on the training server, whatever one they prefer). While I do think it would be beneficial (not really in a significant way), I just think this is something that isn’t necessarily needed right this very instance. Besides, we all make mistakes from time to time.


Fun fact: it isn’t possible to request remaining in the pattern if pattern work isn’t being allowed.

For the main part of your request, I do think not being able to request runways not in use would be helpful, but is usually isn’t a big deal for ATC.

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I understand what ur saying but its just to decrease the workload like having to tell them check ATIS etc everytime but i understand

I mean, if you have the taxi instruction in your quick select menu, it’s just one tap away. No need to use the “check ATIS” command every single time - that’s not the purpose of that command.

If a pilot requests a runway you’re not using, just give them a taxi instruction to the runway in use. Simple as that. Same concept repeated over and over with radar frequencies.

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Thats what i said haha

The report button is in Extreme cases

I dont think i will ever report someone for requesting wrong rwy and i dont think u should either :)

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Why do you even need to warn them in the first place? If they haven’t even started their taxi, you’re abusing the system if you’re even warning them there. If they’re taxiing to the wrong runway even after you’ve given them a taxi instruction to the runway in use, then you can warn, but not if they’re still at the gate or in the process of starting up…

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Thats what i was thinking

Oh, I thought you were suggesting thisđź‘Ť

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That’s what I tried to say. Thanks Thunderbolt.

Yeah requesting on the wrong RWY is normal for newers

Irl you can request any runway since you are the pilot in command even if it is a runway that isn’t specified in the ATIS. If the wind is a 20 knot tailwind for the runway you may still request it irl for whatever reason you may have. You’ll probably not get it but you can always request.


Thats cool didnt even know that but what about the game haha cause u cant do that in game lmao

You can request any runway even if it isn’t in the ATIS. You are the pilot in command so you can always request something you want. You may not get it but you can still request for it.

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IFATC Will be patient and send you to the correct RWY

Sorry for the misunderstanding

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If a pilot requests a runway not in the ATIS, think why they might want it. Do they need a longer runway for a bigger plane? Is it a smaller runway with a headwind, good for their small plane?

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What if its single rwy with incoming traffic? The point of this is to decrease workload so u wont have to tell the person anything but taxi to xx

It’s quite ironic since I tested this with ATC irl last week. Told them I’d like to taxi to a runway that wasn’t in ATIS and I actually got it. I ended up changing my choice since the winds got stronger but it goes to show you can request things that aren’t in the ATIS with no consequence. You’ll just get redirected or won’t get what you requested. I don’t see this coming to IF anytime soon since expert server should resemble IRL procedures. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.


You simply give them the runway that is in use by the traffic. You as the controller never have to give them something they want. They are inquiring/requesting.