Athens FNF!

I think this needs to be addressed. Athens so far has generally been ok - however there have been issues.

By far the main one which I have seen this morning is separation conflicts - pilots not being respectful and slowing down to the speed of the aircraft ahead of them - meaning ATC has to remind them (several times in some cases)

In just 6 hours I saw loads of go arounds due to separation conflicts and many people getting ghosted for separation reasons or not exiting the runway quickly when told to do so.

IFATC are doing a great job trying to manage the large flow of traffic - keep it up guys.


There was also a time when ATC was temporarily inactive and about 5 or 6 people in the approach line sped up and raced for the ILS cone - cutting in front of a few others.

Just be respectful and patient of each other guys - it makes the IFATC’s job a lot easier.

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leave this to Atc. We have a way of usually making it work in the end. But I agree going fast actually causes delays. Just follow all instructions.


Unfortunately this happens at a lot of FNFs. This is generally a place where new pilots try and see what flying in lots of traffic is like. People doing this is annoying but several community members have tried to stop this. The issue is that most people aren’t on the IFC, meaning that several of these topics never reach their desired audience. IFATC members will try our best and if the pilots don’t listen after warnings, they will be reported.


Hey, Greece isn’t used to heavy traffic in general. The current IFATC will try their best to keep the traffic flow good and avoid errors


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