Athens Fly In and Fly Out! @LGAV 291500ZMAR19

Welcome to the Athens Fly In and Fly Out event. This event will take place at Athens International Airport in Greece. I will be an air traffic controller managing both ground and tower. The event will take place this Sunday on the training server and will give a chance for people to fly from all over Europe and beyond into Athens.

Event Details

Server: Training
Location: Athens International Airport (LGAV)
Aircraft: Any
Livery: Any
Starts: Sunday 29th March @ 15:00 ZULU
Ends: Sunday 29th March @ 16:00 ZULU


Airport Information

Athens International Airport is Athen’s main airport and the largest in Greece. The airport has two runways, 03R/21L and 03L/21R, both of which are well over 10,000ft long. The airport has two terminals with parking spaces for passenger, cargo and GA aircraft. The two runways are both equipped with an ILS. Athens serves over 100 destinations across the world. Many of them are operated by Aegean Airlines. To see the full list of airlines and destinations go to

  • Please follow all ATC instructions.
  • Spawn in at correct gate area i.e. only spawn in at a cargo gate if you a cargo aircraft.
  • If the airport is busy, please use the north runway for arrivals and the south runway for departures.
  • Please try and stay on schedule.

How to request a takeoff or landing slot
Takeoff: Please reply to this thread with your airline, flight number, time of departure and destination.
Landing: Please reply to this thread with your airline, flight number, time of landing and origin.

Please contact me if you have any question about this event and I look forward to seeing you there!

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