ATCEG - Providing ATC Events For The Community

Good luck guys! Looks very organized! :)


Thank you. Hoping to see you in the skies, Jake!

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No worries. Hope to see you on the team.

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@Shrek1 thank you very much, hope to see your application in our mailbox soon. :)

@jakevaz423 thank you, that makes two of us. ;)


A very nice thread indeed! Will be looking forward to working with you in the future.

Yea, I know, I’m a little late. 😜


Thank you, we are very happy we decided to partner with Plane & Pilot.


Awww! Thanks :3 I love ATC so being in ATCEG is an honor.


We are just getting started.

We have some pretty exciting future events in the works. Stay tuned!


Active Events

We have no active events currently.

This post will be updated regularly.




I am proud to announce our partnership with the IFAF (Infinite Flight Air Force)! The IFAF is the first Air Force VO to be established here on the community. They offer a large fleet of aircraft, you can fly a F22 fighter aircraft or join their Air Transport fleet to provide aid & assistance to civilians across the globe, or transport passengers from all walks of life wherever and whenever the need arises. With a varying collection of operating bases their pilots truly fly right across the globe supporting the community.

They will be offering their pilots and we will be offering our controllers for their airfields across the globe during events and even sometimes during operations to control airspace around their aerodromes.

Join the IFAF:


ATC Practice Sessions

The ATCEG is proud to announce a new service we will providing to our members, ATC practice sessions. Do you hate having no traffic when you control? Well, now you won’t have that problem. You simply just request a practice session, provide a date and time and we will provide you with four pilots. They will fly in the pattern for 15 to 30 minutes, then they will give you feedback.

You must be an ATCEG member to request a practice session.

Join the ATCEG:

Disclaimer: Pilots that we provide do not supplment for IFATC trainers. We will simply provide feedback, like you would get if you opened your ATC Tracking Thread.


Eastern Event Planners Wanted

We are currently looking for an event planner that lives in the eastern part of the globe, for our events that will take place any time from 1300Z to 1900Z. You must be in UTC +3 or greater. If you are intetested please message me.


We at the ATCEG strive to be as transparent as possible, so our staff wanted to share their stats, age and background with you. Whether you’re planning on joining, a partner, or a sponsor; we want you to “know what you’re buying” before you decide to associate yourself with our team.


Owner and Founder: @Trio

  • Grade 4, 199,00XP+, 195hrs+ flight time
  • IFATC Specialist
  • 18,600+ operations
  • 21 years old
  • 64 violations, 0 ghostings
  • Associated with the IFAE.

Supervisor: @Cbro4

  • Grade 4, 276,000XP+, 260hrs+ flight time
  • 813 operations
  • 48 violations, 1 ghostings
  • Not currently associated with any other VA.

Supervlsor: @Aquila

  • Grade 4, 195,000XP+, 210hrs+ flight time
  • IFATC Specialist
  • 2,340 operations
  • 0 violations, 0 ghostings
  • Not currently associated with any other VA/VO.
  • IFVARB board member

Have a nice day,

This will be updated monthly.


My stats:
Grade 5
644 hours, 51 minutes
1209 online flights
990 landings
230 violations total (from when I used to take IF not so seriously)



At the ATCEG we are happy to announce that we got permission from Tyler Shelton to allow IFATC approach trainee’s to control Approach/Departure for our events. If you are an IFATC approach trainee, message me if you are interested in participating any active or future events.

We also offer practice sessions. We have the IFAF who have offered their pilots, and we currently have two IFATC members on our team to give you feedback. When you join the team, just ask for a time and date and I will try to accommodate your request.

Join the image:

We do not supplement for IFATC trainers.



The following changes went into affect March 1st at 0000Z.

  • All members must check Slack once a week.
  • You must message a staff member if you are going to be "out” for the week.
  • Control or fly in an ATCEG event, group flight, etc. at least once a month.
  • Saturday Nignt Patterns’ Changes
    • Saturday Nignt Patterns’ time has been changed to 2100Z (4pm New York, 9pm London) to better accommodate the time zone differences.
    • SNP may or may not have a theme that uses different aircraft types each week.
    • Airport must have at least 2 runways.
  • Test all events with our team before posting the event idea on the IFC (applies to event planers).
  • Must be able to access the training server.

Hope you like the changes, have a nice day!


Dear everyone here:

Due to the the wonderful changes issued by @Trio , from now on you guys will see me control more often at SNP events! Hope to see you guys there.

PS: SNP events used to be at 3AM for me, so as you can imagine, I am usually asleep by then despite my best efforts to stay awake xD


Dear everyone here:

Due to the recent changes, I will no longer (might) be able to control of the timezones changes. I encourage everyone to always join and support our ATCEG Trainees as we all are on a learning curve. You will no longer see me control SNP until further notice. Thanks for the patience


Sorry to hear that @Ryan_Vidad. We have many more active events and events that are in the works. We’re trying to spead our our event times to accommodate all time zones. Plus, you’ve controlled SNP about 5 times too many. Time for a rotation to be implemented. :)


MaxSez: Finally a VO/A with Leadership Biographic’s, The IF accomplishment numbers of its Staff tell the tail. These home boy’s have credibility. Unlike some of the flyby night wannabe’s VO/A’s that pop up and fade these guys tell it like it is. I know this crew and recommend them with enthusiasm. Well Done Loyal Members. Have a BZ Imprimatur to add to your Logo.