ATCEG - Providing ATC Events For The Community


Who are we?

The ATCEG (ATC Event Group) is a collection of actively learning, but competent air traffic controllers, event planners and members of the IFATC that plan ATC related events for the Infinite Flight Community.

Our goal?

To provide opportunities for feedback and learning for aspiring IFATC controllers.


Owner and Founder: @Trio

  • Grade 4, 199,00XP+, 195hrs+ flight time
  • IFATC Specialist
  • 18,600+ operations
  • 21 years old
  • 64 violations, 0 ghostings
  • Associated with the IFAE.

Supervisor: @Cbro4

  • Grade 4, 276,000XP+, 260hrs+ flight time
  • 813 operations
  • 48 violations, 1 ghostings
  • Not currently associated with any other VA.

Supervlsor: @Aquila

  • Grade 4, 195,000XP+, 210hrs+ flight time
  • IFATC Specialist
  • 2,340 operations
  • 0 violations, 0 ghostings
  • Not currently associated with any other VA/VO.
  • IFVARB board member

@Trio - IFATC
@Cbro4 - ATC
@Ryan_Vidad - ATC
@A_Plane_Guy - ATC
@AllegiantAir - ATC
@Jan_Sd - IFATC
@Gliding_Central - ATC
@Cpt.TC - Event Planner
@Clouds ATC
@Woods ATC
@Royce - ATC, Event Planner
@crxmson - ATC
@Infinite_Flyer - ATC
@William_Armstrong - IFATC
@William_Chin - ATC, Event Planner (IRL Experience)
@Kevinsoto1502 - ATC
@anon97848036 - ATC
@Balloonchaser - Event Planner
@ItzEhs - ATC
@Artem_F - IFATC
@Aquila - IFATC
@SlimeFlyer - ATC
@angrybird - ATC
@CaptAC - ATC
@JDupree - ATC

Last updated March 31, 2018. Each individual member is held responsible if they are unable to provide accurate personal information.

We promote a fun yet professional work enviroment.

At the ATCEG, we only allow the most mature and knowledgeable air traffic controllers and event planners to stay on our team.

All members must be Grade 3 or higher, have less than 150 violations, 3 ghostings all time, and have 200 operations.

If you want to join as an ATC must have an ATC Tracking Thread before applying.

If you do not have a thread please follow these steps:​

  1. Go to #atc.
  2. Use the following format for the title of the post: insert username ATC Tracking Thread (Closed).
    ​3. Then fill out a application form:

We also accept event planners and members of the IFATC*.

*We have checked with Tyler Shelton, members of the IFATC are allowed to join as an event planner. You could be a vital source of knowledge and could be provide our controllers with more extensive and in-depth feedback. Your input could be very useful because you have more experience and knowledge of the world’s airports.

If you would like to submit an application do not message one of the staff members.

Join the ATCEG:


All members are subject to punishment and will be judged on a case by case basis. Behavior contrary to our standards is grounds for immediate removal.

  1. Profanity, racist, or homophobic language will not be tolerated.
  2. All members must remain professional and mature on any public or private medium.
  3. If you are ever made to feel uncomfortable by any ATCEG member or think another ATCEG member is becoming problematic please fill out this form:;amp;entry.183333400&entry.461617461&entry.630806965&entry.1758143810&entry.840701955&entry.1771471739&entry.1740084759&entry.298511799&entry.770705782
  4. If you are a member of the IFATC you will only allowed be allowed to be a pilot or event planner, you will not be able to control unless you are an IFATC approach trainee. If you are an approach trainee then you will be able to control approach and/or Departure.
  5. Only superviosrs are allowed to give event or VO updates on ATCEG threads.
  6. All members must check Slack once a week.
  7. You must message a staff member if you are going to be "out” for the week.
  8. Each member must control or fly in an ATCEG event, group flight, etc. at least once a month.
  9. All events will be tested with our team before posting the event idea on the IFC (applies to event planers).

Plane & Pilot

Plane & Pilot is an IFVARB approved organization that has created high-quality, well-organized events for Infinite Flight since they were founded in December 2016. They offer a wide variety of unique events that range from VA promotions to aerobatics competitions. They strive to make sure their events are fully unique and enjoyable, and spend up to 2 weeks planning each one. The ATCEG will be providing ATC for all of Plane & Pilot’s TS1 events.

Contact @PlaneCrazy to join Plane & Pilot.

Disclaimer: If you attend an event with ATC brought to you by the ATCEG keep in mind, as I stated, the majority of our air traffic controllers are actively learning, but competent so if you are not happy with the service provided, please fill out a feedback form. We want your feedback!

Feedback Form:

IFVARB approved.


Very nice looking organisation and thread! Congratulations on getting IFVARB approved!


Thank you very much @PlaneCrazy! A lot of hard work went into it. Couldn’t have done it without @Cbro4, @Ryan_Vidad and @Cpt.TC.


Couldn’t have done it without you either! Glad to be the COO of this great group.

Feel free to apply. We are always open to new controllers. Just meet the criteria and apply!


Awesome work guys. Love this as a stepping stone up to IFATC.


That was the goal. :)


We have a great team! Everyone one of the members helped shaped our creation!


Thank you for pointing that out @Ryan_Vidad, it’s will always be a team effort. They are the ones that make all of this possible. :)

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Looks great…will consider filling out an application if time allows. Busy at UPSVA as well as personal business. This is a well needed event!!


Good luck guys! Looks very organized! :)


Thank you. Hoping to see you in the skies, Jake!

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No worries. Hope to see you on the team.

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@Shrek1 thank you very much, hope to see your application in our mailbox soon. :)

@jakevaz423 thank you, that makes two of us. ;)


A very nice thread indeed! Will be looking forward to working with you in the future.

Yea, I know, I’m a little late. 😜


Thank you, we are very happy we decided to partner with Plane & Pilot.


Awww! Thanks :3 I love ATC so being in ATCEG is an honor.


We are just getting started.

We have some pretty exciting future events in the works. Stay tuned!


Active Events

We have no active events currently.

This post will be updated regularly.




I am proud to announce our partnership with the IFAF (Infinite Flight Air Force)! The IFAF is the first Air Force VO to be established here on the community. They offer a large fleet of aircraft, you can fly a F22 fighter aircraft or join their Air Transport fleet to provide aid & assistance to civilians across the globe, or transport passengers from all walks of life wherever and whenever the need arises. With a varying collection of operating bases their pilots truly fly right across the globe supporting the community.

They will be offering their pilots and we will be offering our controllers for their airfields across the globe during events and even sometimes during operations to control airspace around their aerodromes.

Join the IFAF:


ATC Practice Sessions

The ATCEG is proud to announce a new service we will providing to our members, ATC practice sessions. Do you hate having no traffic when you control? Well, now you won’t have that problem. You simply just request a practice session, provide a date and time and we will provide you with four pilots. They will fly in the pattern for 15 to 30 minutes, then they will give you feedback.

You must be an ATCEG member to request a practice session.

Join the ATCEG:

Disclaimer: Pilots that we provide do not supplment for IFATC trainers. We will simply provide feedback, like you would get if you opened your ATC Tracking Thread.