atc1 "hold sort" atc2 " line up"

I ended up behind 747 with conflicting msg, and also I been told to take off, are they mucking around… Can’t you syncronize data across controllers at lease if you want to give everyone chance rather then be empty!!

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Please elaborate on your topic a little more. Nobody knows what you mean by

“atc1 “hold sort” atc2 “ line up””

  • Please explain the situation
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Sorry I was explaining about conflicting msg received from Tower. One asked me hold sort the other controller asked me to lineup, I want the data to synced across all air traffic controllers or once you tuned into frequency, the other should not contact you. What I see in atc window the massage pop up left and right.

Great, didn’t know about it. But it may become vacant more often as the people Pop in and out in sort times. So pilot end up zigzag frequency from tower to Unicom. My thoughts are if you are tuned into station others shouldn’t contact you for your intension. Or share data across frequency in the same tower

How were you tuned to two Tower ATCs at the same time? Even if there are two Tower controllers for an airport you can only be tuned to one at a time and therefore only receiv one set of instructions? I think the most the other Tower can do is send you an on gaurd message to contact them.

I understand what he’s speaking of,or I think I do,haha. Last night I was trying to do ground control at KSAN, and while I was giving instructions,another ground controller was also trying to give instructions some how. Even though there is only one frequency for ground at KSAN. May have been a bug,I’m not to sure. I ended up just exiting after a while, became very confusing. However he could also mean that the tower and ground controllers have the power to know what the other is doing. Thereby allowing a smoother flow of communication. Conjecture.

For example you get clearance from tower to land Then you get msg from another controller that you are in controlled airspace and ask you to tune into his frequency, it’s constant nagging and headach

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The worst I have had is when I was on with one Ground controller and the other Ground controller was sending me an On Guard message to contect him/her! I am already on a Ground controller! If you select a plane when controlling it does show you what they are tuned to.

The other one that bugs me is when you start at an airport and before you managed to do anything you have a Ground contoller sending you On Guard messages to contact. Yes, I know there is a Ground controller - I will contact you when I have sorted my flight plan and want to pushback, until then leave me alone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Send them a “Stand by” next time they’ll get the msg. Max Sends

Thanks, will do :thumbsup:

I had a question. When I go on to infinite flight and go on ATC playground. Why does LAX have 2 towers sometimes w/ different people?

I know what he is referring to. There is another airport directly south of KSAN. It is also call San Diego something. I have controlled as ground and tower there. I was getting requests to pushback and taxi constantly from pilots at KSAN. It is actually announced as “San Diego ground”.

LAX is a large airport with multiple frequencies that share the same purpose. There is just too much traffic for 1 controller to handle 1 type of controlled space, so LAX has multiple ground, tower, and approach frequencies. The different people are just telling you who is currently controlling that frequency.

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