ATC Zello

Hi everyone me and luke kelly have just opened up EGLL on tower, ground and delivery. Free flight server come along. Only real ATC please any trolls will be removed from the channel and only english please
EGLL tower (118.5)
EGLL ground (121.7) and EGLL delivery is 121.9
here is the link for the airport plan



The link is broken btw

changed it thanks

Iā€™m coming.

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I was Corporate 72 (737BBJ). Thanks fellas! More fun than Advanced!

How does Zello work exactly? Do I download the app and add you as a contact so I can hear instructions?

you download the app then search for the channel as shown in the description then you can talk and do verbal ATC


Where you in the FNF server a wee while ago I think I say you?

no we have only been in the free flight server

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Oh then it must have been a similar name

God! I really need to have better timings at checking the forums.




When are you doing this again?

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So do you tell people to taxi via certain taxiways?

Yes in the topic information you see a link. You follow that and it shows you the airport layout. We then tell you which way to taxi and you follow the instruction

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Could I possible join?

When we are next controlling there, this post will be updated to let you know we are there.

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I mean to be ATC

You will need to become advanced ATC to be able to control on the advanced server IFATC Recruiting

I mean for the zello ATC. Also I would do the test for advanced ATC Iā€™m just a bit too young