ATC Zello - London Region, Free Flight

Come and fly with real live talking ATC, Zello is needed, and tune into the following channels

Only real ATC please any trolls will be removed from the channel and only english please

Please also use the airport charts provided

EGBB - Chart -

Delivery - EGBB Delivery (117.5)
Ground - EGBB Ground (121.6)
Tower - EGBB Tower (118.9)

London Heathrow - Chart -

Ground - EGLL Ground (121.9) FF
Tower - EGLL Tower (118.5) FF

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Anyone coming?

I would, but I can’t.

I might be coming

Great! See you there

What’s the exact channel name?

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They are all listed above after the 'Delivery/Ground/Tower - ’ - Thats the frequency,

EGLL Ground (121.9)


Will the clearance be easy?

You need to get the Zello App, and join the channels listed in the first post

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Make sure you have the chart open, and it should be

I’ll be there in 10

Great! See you there

I come. :)

See you there!

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I don’t know if I do everything right, but I listen to the Live ATC and these things… :D

Its fairly simple to get the hang of

Okay, so hold on; taxiway F is not ahead of taxiway Y at EGBB?

Im sorry, I have been saying F instead of E…

h well that makes sense, I’ll join again…