ATC @YSSY (most likely) my last time controlling TS1 [CLOSED]

Hey IFC!
I’ll be at YSSY NOW
I’m going to try for IFATC tomorrow and I’d like to say bye to TS1(that’s if I pass🤞😬)

Region Sydney
Time Now
What to do just come do some pattern work or just take off/land

Thanks for coming!


I would advise moving as there is APP/DEP and go to an only parallel runway airport

so which airport would you recommend?

APP/DEP just left…

EDDL, KSSC, KSJC are all good airports to practice on😃

Hmmm… I got lots of people here already :(

Great job! Good luck for your test! :)


Thank you very much!
Sorry for leaving… Technical problems

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