ATC @ YSBC TS1 [Closed]

Hey guys I will be ATC at YSCB which I need people there to rate me as how good of a controller I am thanks


I shall come now , will be doing some pattern work.


What server are you on?

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@david.harper its in the title.

Im there. Winds are crazy. 20G30kts

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Wow , that is crazy. @QR01 i thought the airports you choose where bad , glad to be getting some more crosswind training in !


Thanks. Didn’t see that. i’m there.

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Hey you need a lot of work :) would you like PM feedback?



  • Contact tower command is not needed. Its in the taxi instruction

  • Sequencing: I was given number 2 traffic to follow on right downwind. when the traffic was number 3.
    and the on the second it there was none at all. SEQUENCING IS REQUIRED!

  • No clearance for the option or clearance to land given at all. I reported my position about 5 times on final. just got roger. I then though I would give the full stop option a shot with no luck. Even thought I requested it about 8 times on final.

  • I have a few more points. If you would like more please PM Me and I will be happy to help.

// IFATC Adam Callow


Okay firstly that wind with something else !

I was Speedbird 2.

  • You cleared me for takeoff way too early after clearing Speedbird 6 for take off , if I had departed I would probably of over took him on the runway , better to give me a line up and wait command.

  • Told me to enter right downwind , even thou I was already on the right downwind for RWY35 , you have already told me to enter right downwind when you instructed me to make right traffic when giving take off clearance .

  • No sequencing, sequencing is vital !

  • I know it is the pilot jobs to maintain spacing , but on the downwind leg KLM 465 was way too close to me , it would of been proactive of you to tell him to make a 360 or to maintain slowest practical speed. This is again why sequencing is important.

  • No “cleared for the option” clearance when doing T&G , you gave pilots landing clearance when they actually should of been give cleared for the option as they were doing T&G , but at least they got clearance to enter the runway, unlike me !lol

  • You told me to maintain slowest practical speed on a 2nm final at 130kts , you surely must know I can’t go any slower then that ! If you need me to go around , just say , as you are running the show …

  • No exit runway command when I landed , nor did I actually get any clearance to land during my whole flight …

Just keep practicing and you will get better overtime ;)


I will PM feedback. Thanks for the try. Crosswinds were tough.

I’ll be right there!

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Are you still open?

No sorry I had enough

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