ATC Written Sheet

When I am controlling a big airport like KLAX, it is very difficult for me to keep up. I created a sheet where I can keep track of where an aircraft is in the pattern, whether they are inbound, instead of in pattern, their sequence, whether they are cleared, etc. I also created a sheet for departures. This includes runway, sequence, whether they are departing or remaining in pattern, whether they have been cleared or not, etc. If someone could look at this and suggest improvements or if anyone can share their methods for dealing with a high volume of traffic, that would be great. I am also interested to hear if anyone has something similar to this or not. Below the document link I included a description of each field.

Callsign-the callsign of the aircraft
Aircraft-the type of aircraft
Inbound-whether the aircraft is inbound or in pattern (checked off if inbound)
Relative Direction-inbound only, direction of aircraft in relation to runway (final, left, right, opposite)
Enter Pattern-whether they need to enter pattern or can come straight in on final
Base-If they are on first turn after takeoff in pattern (not sure of proper term for this)
Downwind-Here I write left or right depending on which downwind they are on
Base-Here I write the runway they are inbound for if they are on final base
Final-whether they are on final or not, here I write the runway also
Sequence-their position in the pattern sequence
Cleared-whether or not they have been cleared for landing yet
Exit-whether or not they have been given exit instructions yet
Intention-whether they intend to touch and go, land, or stop and go

Callsign-their callsign
Aircraft-the aircraft type
Runway-the runway they are to takeoff on
Sequence-their position in the takeoff line
Next-whether or not they are next in the takeoff queue
Pattern-whether or not they intend to remain in pattern
Departure-whether or not they are departing the pattern
Line Up-whether or not they have been cleared to line up
Cleared-whether or not they have been cleared to takeoff
Departed-whether or not they have taken off

Please let me know your thoughts?

Sounds efficient to me. All that matters is if you like that way of doing it.


I think I need a larger pad of paper.


Wow, you are quite busy! The sheet was meant for tower controller only though, but thanks for your thoughts.


Well you will never see places that large anymore, hopefully

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If I see that I would have a heart attack.

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Makes me wonder how your device even stands up to that!


@sniperguy135, yeah right? That’s an amazing art if you can bring them all up in the air to land safely, Chris.


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