ATC worldwide - ATC in every continent

I understand that everyone is busy and we can’t constantly be on IF all the time, but I was thinking to myself: wouldn’t it be possible, given the number of people that are IFATC (allegedly over 600), to have ATC services available in every region(continent) of the globe on the expert server every week? Is it a schedule issue that is making this difficult?

Otherwise, maybe the devs can consider developing ATC operated by AI? Just a thought. What do you think?


That is an amazing idea


Yes, but people still have lives outside of IF and could get very busy. Time zones are also a factor, the limited number of IFATC in Asia means during quiet server hours this would be impossible.

I think the goal of Tyler’s ATC schedule is to do exactly that. There are just far too many airports to feature, and with everyone wanting their own tiny home airport to be featured, this isn’t always possible.

that is much much much harder to make than you might think.


Yes, but just to be on the same page, I’m thinking simultaneously, rather than picking a region each day.

Oh I know! Just sharing ideas and we know it’s not impossible haha

If this were implemented, ATC would often just open the biggest airports in each region. I like Tyler’s schedule because it gives attention to smaller and less busy airports that wouldn’t normally be open.


We must have just one region every day, because then you can have like 10-20 people at the main airport at all times. If we had more regions on the schedule every day then there would be just few people at the airports.

IFATC follows a schedule. Tyler’s schedules already focus on many airports, so the idea here is to have this schedule expanded to have ATC in all regions, rather than just one. ATC would then open the chosen airports as usual.

Maybe, maybe not. Just like in real aviation not every airport will be the busiest.

Look, understand that all members of IFATC are not robots ready to control at any moment any time. Many of these folks are quite busy and volunteer time to control. Controlling the entire globe at once is not happening any time soon as it’s simply too much. Every schedule dedicates time to a particular region where attention isn’t always given. Every day moves on to another region on the globe. The vast majority of people here enjoy Tyler’s schedule and are completely happy with it. I don’t see a need for change here. We get almost every continent every week 🤷‍♂️

Wow that tone though. Just sharing an idea!! I don’t mean any harm lol. If you read what I’m saying I’m not trying to start a revolution here. Let me flag this and shut this discussion down, it’s not that serious.

In recent months, we receive more new IFATCs from Australasia area and I think now timezone shouldn’t be a problem. The problem tends to be the demand (from the pilots), as there aren’t many pilots flying around (especially during 0300Z-1000Z). If we have ATC choice, then people would just flock to airports like EGLL, KLAX, or KJFK. Other airports would receive minimal traffic unless you’re located close to either of the 3 airports mentioned above. Even in Australasia, big airports like YSSY, WSSS, VHHH and RJAA traffic will be slow due to other huge hubs (In Europe and North America) are also being staffed (It will receive some traffic, but not much)

Maybe when Infinite Flight gets bigger, then yes we can have this idea. But at the meantime, there aren’t just enough pilots to fill airports around the world at the same time.


This is a great idea but some people have this game to do atc and if the ai does atc your takin away a lot of atc people and they will leave the game these atc people work really hard day and night. Also if the Ai controls atc there could be major bugs but this definitely a great idea and I would like to see the developers try this out!

Sorry to disappoint you but IFATC doesn’t have over 600 controllers. Also, as others have said, we don’t have the man power to open worldwide.

It would be extremely hard to program AI to guide airplane, human intelligence, intuition, and problem solving skills are way over AI’s, so that is out of the question.

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currently 508 :)


close enough lol

Lovely idea in principle, but I think you would have many controllers sat twiddling their thumbs with nowt to do, others would be getting it in the butt


Already? Wow, I thought we were real less. Like 200 maximum. Impressive.

There definitely would be many bugs so it would take a long time for it to work out perfectly. The reason I mention ATC by AI is because we all know people are busy outside of IF and can’t always spend all their time on ATC. But if the number of IFATC continues to grow as @Capt_Evan made clear then it might be possible in the near future to open 3 airports in each region every day and pilots have their pic for where they’d like to fly.

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Lol, true. But then again it depends on where the weekly schedule decides to have ATC open.

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