ATC working SBRJ, SBSP and SBGR should follow this

Hi guys, I just wanted to share somethings in order to bring a little more realism into the flying experience in the following. This is me trying to help, I know this information because I’m an aviation enthusiast and really like the game.

SBRJ: airliners only use runway 20L and 02R, which is the larger exterior runway. They hold short in the line for 20R and 02L and don’t need to request runway crossing, they just request for takeoff clearance for the larger runway. The gap between the 2 runways is too small anyway.

SBSP: airliners use the larger runway only, 17R or 35L.

SBGR: the exterior runway 09R and 27L is used for landings only, and the 09L and 27R for takeoffs only. You can find spotting videos in YouTube which will confirm that.

That’s all. Hope I’m not being too annoying. Stay safe and happy flying.


That would be great to use! But unfortunately, IFATC dont need to follow real world procedures :)

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Fair. Just wish they could to make the experience in the app even greater.


We are seeing an increase in population over the infinite flight server during the pandemic at this time. This means more flights and unrealistic amounts of traffic flying in and out of airports. As we like to keep things as professional as possible sometimes we just can’t due to traffic demand.


It is always nice to bring a bit more reality into this simulator. The ATC endeavors to admit it best. You try to be like the real. Yes, there is a problem with that. There are times when there are over 100 players to intercept the Atc. As a result, there are problems that do not always correspond to realism. This means that there can always be deviations from the real. Therefore it is nice that they give good tips but as I said it is not always possible. Thank you and safe flying

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Not trying to criticize act’s work, just to be clear. I know it must be tough out there. My post was more like trying to make a wish into a tip for those guys. See you around! Be safe.


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