ATC won’t let me pushback

Why does everytime I request for pushback it keeps telling me to hold position but I don’t find the reason and there is no aircraft behind me. Please don’t blow up on me

This could be due to flow control


Can you explain it for me please? If you mind

This could be because the ATC is really busy, if you just have some patience he’ll let you pushback eventually.
patience is key

Was this at RJTT? I think there might have been a gate hold while the runways changed. In which case, it was everyone, not just you.

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Yes it was at rjtt

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Now I know the reason, thank you all for the help🙏

Because of heavy traffic we sometimes put a gate hold so departures can get out and the line can decrease before more are sent. Please just be patient and don’t keep requesting pushbacks. It will only make the controller more stressed

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Got it, thanks

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Happy flying

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