ATC @ WMKK - Kuala Lumpur Approach on Playground [Closed]

Come and have fun!
Test my approach skills!
Come fill up the Kuala Lumpur/Singapore region!

I noticed you close your ad-hoc events really quickly after opening them…

As a word of advice as one who frequents the region as both an ATC and a pilot, the traffic is inconsistent. Why do I say that? When I controlled today, there seemed to be a huge surge of traffic (I have no idea what kind of a black magic is this) that I could hardly keep up with

My real word of advice here is to be patient… I’ve woken up at 4am before and even though there’s no traffic, I still wait patiently — eventually, they come.


Actually in IFATC you are told to open up if you have the time to control there for a bit as it unfair for inbound pilots if you only open up for 10 min

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