ATC within aircraft on infinite flight

Hi I wanted to ask about the ATC within aircraft on insinuate flight … as all I ever get in unicom nothing else.
When I used this app a while back the ATC was much better… and was more interactive … now I can not even request pushback,
Also I don’t get the weather either… all seems very weird

Are on accidentally on solo? Or do you not have multiplayer?


Hello Unicom is the only ATC solution for the casual server and on the training server and expert server it’s there when there is no active ATC. What server are you flying on and could you be on solo instead as Joseph asked?


It’s not solo no… so assume it’s the other reason… but is this a new thing as I could swear I had it before where you could request pushback etc

I still have ATC commands, I don’t think its a new thing…

What server is it then?

Try making sure that the airport you’re spawning in has active ATC controllers. This could be seen on the page, where you choose aircraft, airport and server. It is displayed on the right with green users being controlled frequencies.


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