ATC with infinite flight passenger app

Hello guys , I have a problem with the ATC. When I am using infinity flight passengers app the atc voice disappear the ATC only show me text . If anyone knows how to fix this let me know

As I recognized there is barely support for the app. I don’t use it, but I recommend that you listen to ATC and not getting reported because of the app. You can still use it, when you’re flying in uncontrolled airspace. Maybe there are other users in here, who are using the third app.


If you want another app like Infinite Passengers, I recommend that you try out In-Flight Assistant. It is more optimized and does not kill the ATC voice.

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When I can only see the text but cannot hear the audio when using ATC,

I head onto a other Unicom/uncontrolled frequency and send a message,
Then the ATC audio (voice) starts working again for me…

  • I don’t use IF Passengers though, so it may not be the same outcome.

Good luck (:

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