ATC will not answer

Currently in the training server. I have been waiting at the runway for a few minutes now at 24L LAX. I feel bad but I have asked clearance to take off only twice in a 5 minute window. What do you do in this case?


Since this is on training, you never really know what’s happening with ATC since there’s no real regulations on the training server when it comes to ATC. In this case, I’d say just wait for the runway to be clear then takeoff.


just check your surroundings and depart

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Just… yeah, check your surroundings and take off.

Sometimes a kid is doing ATC on TS and their mom calls them for something but they don’t want to totally leave, so…

@anon38496261 don’t have to call me out there now. My mom sometimes understands but usually shes like iT iS a GaMe yOu cAn pAuSe iT

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I didn’t call anybody out. I just was helping the OP to understand why ATC might not have answered him/her.

its a little joke lol


Training Server minor issue that happens form time to time.