ATC: When is an aircraft cleared to land?


I have recently got back into ATC on the Training Server and I’m watching some of Tyler’s YouTube tutorials, but there is one thing I need clarification on.

What’s the difference between clearing an aircraft to land / clear it for the option and sequencing?

They both ask you for ‘Number X’ and I just don’t understand which one you use?

If you sequence an aircraft and tell them to follow the aircraft on ‘Left downwind’ etc is that clearing them for landing?


Sequencing is used for an aircraft to follow another aircraft

Cleared to land only grants the plane permission to ONLY land

Cleared for the option allows the aircraft to do a stop and go, low overpass, touch and go and etc.

If you need any further info or have anymore questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to answer you back :)

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Go around does not come under the option,

Please if your going to comment on stuff about ATC make sure your giving the correct information.


What is an SNG?

Just adding to what @Benny87654321 said.

We normally do these things in an order, to help keep yourself organised :)

Pattern entry - when they initially call inbound, or after a go around your telling the pilot where you want to enter the pattern.

Sequence - this is the number X bit your on about and it’s designed to take abit more of a load off of ATC by telling the pilot who he’s following so then that the pilot will hopefully maintain a good seperation with the aircraft he’s following.

Clearance - this is where you are either clearing to land, or clearing for the option. As benny said the option covers landings, touch and go’s, stop and go’s and low passes. Clearing to land means the plane will come to a full stop and exit the runway. With the number X on the clearance you give them the same number as you would sequence.

That’s the order I do things and a lot of ATC.

Pattern entry, sequence, clearance.

Hope this helped.


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stop and go

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